Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Greenpeace Southeast Asia

December 23, 2000

Greenpeace Southeast Asia
Unit 326 Eagle Court Condominium, No. 26 Matalino St.
Diliman,Quezon City,1100, Philippines


I am a member of the Pagtatap USA organization and an e-mail message from Edgar Rodillon, a member of Pagtatap Philippines, informed us that you have provided him with an e-mail address. This is good news to us, and it also came in the nick of time.

I assume that you are aware of Metro Manila Development Authority’s plan to dump Manila’s garbage on the island of Semirara starting the first week of January 2001, which is only a week away. Semirara is one of the islands of Antique and some of its neighboring islands are Sibay, Caluya, and Boracay.

The members of Pagtatap are from Pandan, Antique, who have left their hometown and are now all over the world and have organized to provide programs and aid to the people of Pandan. The town of Pandan is close to Semirara. Pandan Bay connects to the waters of Semirara. This is why we are vehemently opposed to the Semirara dumpsite.

Greenpeace is known all over the world for its stance on environmental protection. You have made it your business to be versed on the laws, standards, measures, and resources that pertain to the protection and preservation of the environment. As such, you can see why we oppose the establishment of a dumpsite on Semirara Island. The Philippine laws and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have laws and memorandums that address the preservation of the environment and rare species (the marine turtles in Semirara and a bird sanctuary in Caluya) but for some reason these laws have been ignored because the dumpsite proposal is about to be consummated.

A lot of politics has come into the picture that it is an uphill battle for us. However, despite the political strength of the protagonists, we are unwavering in our conviction that people’s lives need to be protected and the environment should be saved from its eventual destruction.

Pagtatap USA and Pagtatap Philippines need a support system that is strong enough and big enough to help them in their opposition of the dumpsite. Your Greenpeace organization comes into the picture. We need your support. Please help us in any way you can. Time is of the essence and our group is almost choking under the clutches of a formidable enemy. Help us save a beleaguered island that does not want the dumpsite but does not have the capability to save itself.


Washington, USA