Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Board Member Josephine Dagohoy

December 23, 2000

Josephine Dagohoy
Antique Board Member
San Jose, Antique

Dear Jo:

On behalf of the Pandan Antique Foundation, Pagtatap USA and Pagtatap Philippines, I am thanking you for your unwavering support of our opposition to MMDA’s Semirara dumpsite proposal. Despite our distance, we have been closely following the turn of events regarding the issue from Philippine newspapers and updates from our members there.

This has been a roller coaster month for us starting the first week of December when we first heard about the proposed dumpsite. Our hopes have been squashed and revived intermittently and sometimes, like a dying person, we grasp at straws and cling on to dear life on a very thin shred of hope. What has kept us going all this time is our resolve to find to the end till there’s no more fight left in us. As long as there is still that ray of hope, we will keep on trudging and clinging and praying.

You have been one of those who have provided us that ray of hope. Atty. Ben Candari gratefully acknowledged your overt and vocal show of support at the December 15 and the December 22 board meetings. Personally, I was deeply touched because you spanned the passage of time and years with your enduring kinship.

Please continue to sustain our opposition. Help the downtrodden get the justice and protection they deserve in the midst of the political forces that engulf and choke them. They are helpless without us for they don’t have the means or the resources to fight on their own.

This Christmas season is bringing with it the beauty of hope. May you and your family enjoy the beauty of peace for having done what you had to do to protect the underprivileged.

Your cousin,

Washington, USA