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A STATEMENT OF CONCERN on the Proposed Establishment of the GARBAGE DUMPING Site in Semirara Island.

Diocese of San Jose de Antique
San Jose, Antique

A STATEMENT OF CONCERN on the Proposed Establishment of the GARBAGE DUMPING Site in Semirara Island.

Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

1. Over the past years, we have shared our anxiety over the attack being made on Mother Earth, which was endangering its fruitfulness for future generations.

2. We have also expressed our concern over the amount of garbage we make and the manner waste and garbage are handled.

3. Today, we want to tell you how concerned we are at the proposal of establishing a garbage-dump site in Semirara Island, garbage coming all the way from Metro Manila.

4. Semirara Island and the neighboring islands are rich and waters around them are the people’s life-line. These waters are already being polluted by the mining of coal. They should not be further polluted by dumping garbage in the vicinity. We must guard our non-renewable resources to ensure sustainable development for the sake of today and of the future generations.

5. Garbage and waste must be properly handled and disposed of. We have seen devastating effects of some dumping grounds here and abroad. We cannot again risk the lives of people and their environment and livelihood.

6. The adverse effects and impact on the island itself and its people and the neighboring islands, including mainland Panay and Mindoro, Far outweigh the supposed gains promised by the Metro Manila Development Authority and the Celdex-DMCI, proponents of the project.

7. Implementing the project will certainly destroy both environment and people and will lead to national unrest.

8. We wish to recall the challenge of the Holy Father to us, to practice the ideals of the Jubilee, which is to restore harmony in the relationship of people with God, among themselves and with nature.

9. We ask all in positions power and authority to listen to Mother Nature and to the people: NO to garbage dumping in Semirara Island.

10. We support the stand of the United Antiqueños in opposing the establishment of the garbage-dumping/landfill site in Semirara Island.

11. We ask that all people of good-will, espcially the Antiqueños, support the initiatives to stop the dumping of garbage and waste in Semirara Island. We are collecting signatures in province. Please affix your signature to the United Antiqueños position paper-manifestation, which are available at your Parish office or Convento as well as in schools and institutions.

12. We ask that God’s command to us – cultivate and care for the earth, be faithfully followed.

Mother Nature and the Antiqueños have spoken: NO to dumping garbage and waste in Semirara Island. Listen to them!

For the Diocese of San Jose de Antique,

Bishop of San Jose de Antique

Date: December 25, 2000

Source: Courtesy of ANTIQUEdotPH