Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Mr. Wolf of CNN

January 15, 2001

Dear Mr. Wolf,

I am a Pediatrician from Paterson, N.J. and an avid fan of your program. I am writing to you with the hope that I can catch your interest on a new event that is presently unfolding in Southern Philippines.

At the time of this writing, 10:40 AM, est, 11:40 PM, Pacific time, the people in the islands of Boracay and Panay in the Philippines are preparing for a CARAVAN RALLY that will be held on 1-16-10 throughout the towns of the two islands. Under the leadership of the governors, bishops, priest, mayors and other officials, they are protesting the dumping of Manila’s garbage in the island of Semirara, just a few miles away from the islands of Panay and Boracay. Manila is almost 400 miles away and the barges of uncovered garbage that left Manila on January 5, 2001, are now parked on the shores of Semirara Island. The Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by a local judge has prevented the operators of the barges from unloading the garbage. While waiting for the court trial which will be on Jan. 16, 2001, the uncovered garbage is spreading and leaking in the ocean and contaminating the fish and all the marine life in the sorrounding area, including my hometown, Pandan in the province of Antique.

During the past month, the natives of the three islands, Semirara, Boracay and Panay, including the natives who are now scattered all over the world, tried but failed to prevent the shipment of Manila’s Garbage to Semirara. We wrote to Senators who declared a resolution against it. We wrote to the local media who broadcasted our opposition. The local officials sent written and videotaped opposition against it.

The proponents of the garbage dumping are Mr. Jejomar Binay and Robert Aventajado who are the advisers of President Estrada who is now being impeached. They defied all laws of Environmental Protection Agency, the rules of the Department of Environment and Natural resources, the resolution of the house of Senate, and all our protests.

It is my hope that if an internationally known media covers the event of the Caravan Rally, Binay and Aventajado will send back the barges of garbage to Manila and find a nearer site for the garbage.

You are one of the most popular international broadcasters. I am appealing to you for help. Please help save an island!

Respectfully yours,

Lourdes A. Burgos,MD
New Jersey, USA