Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Cable News Network (CNN)

January 6, 2001

Cable News Network (CNN)


I watch your program on a regular basis. Your in-depth and objective coverage of events have led me to write to you about a problem that I think you would be able to help us with.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) of the Philippines has its eyes set on making Semirara a dumpsite for Manila’s 4,000 tons of daily garbage. Semirara is a small, peaceful island in the province of Antique, Philippines. The residents are vehemently opposed to the dumpsite. They signed petitions along with the other islands and municipalities of the province and rallied at the province’s capital during two public hearings held on December 15 and December 22 voicing their oppositions.

Despite the widespread and unanimous objections, MMDA still pursued its intent to dump Metro Manila’s garbage on the island. There are currently two barges on the Semirara waters carrying Metro Manila’s garbage for dumping. The residents and their supporters are on the shore keeping watch. They have a Temporary Restraining Order on hand as their deterrent. They have been there for two days smelling the uncovered stinking garbage on the barges and watching the pollutants from the waste drop to the waters of Semirara. The unpleasant smell has permeated the island of Boracay to the consternation of tourists.

Please help save the island of Semirara and its residents. They are so weak and vulnerable that they are no match to unscrupulous and manipulative people. Exposing the blatant disregard for the islanders’ rights to life and property by the powerful government officials in a worldwide television network will hopefully make MMDA discontinue its plan to make Semirara its dumpsite.

Truly yours,

(Native of Pandan, Antique, Philippines)
California, USA