Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Bishop Raul Martirez

January 09, 2001

Rev. Msgr. Bishop Raul Martirez
San Jose, Antique

Dear Bishop Martirez:

My name is Lourdes Alojipan-Burgos, the daughter of Paquit and Deding Alojipan from Pandan, Antique. I have been practicing Pediatrics in New Jersey, USA but I try to go back to Pandan at least once a year. On one of my visits I met you in the house of Fr. Joaquin Dioso who is my cousin. I am not sure if you would ever remember me.

I am writing to you in my frustration over the Save Semirara Mission. The Pandan Antique Foundation, an organization of Pandananons all over the world, has been trying to stop the atrocities of President Estrada’s Advisers but with very little progress. It seems that only an act of God can save our province from destruction.

In this connection, therefore, I would like to request your Honor to consider a mass religious protest. I am thinking of a day devoted to a day of public prayer in the form of processions in each parish to ask the good Lord for help. If nobody can listen to us, it is time for us to get together and all at the same time send our petition to God. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE US at this point in time.

In my despair over the failure of our efforts to save Semirara, I am appealing to you for help. You are the only one who can authorize this kind of mass religious petition in the province. YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE. GOD IS OUR ONLY SALVATION. Please help us ask HIM for help.

Respectfully Yours,

Lourdes Alojipan-Burgos, MD
New Jersey, USA