Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to the Antique Provincial Board Members

December 24, 2000

Hon. Josephine T. Dagohoy
Hon. Roberto Q. Operiano
Hon. Calixto G. Zaldivar III
Hon. Silvestre E. Untaran
Hon. Efren G. Esclavilla
Hon. Errol T. Santillan
Hon. Gerardo R. Antoy
Hon. Benjamin E. Juanitas
Hon. Victor R. Condez
Hon. Felina M. Magbanua
Hon. Christina Luella P. Arceno

Dear Sirs & Madams:

On behalf of the Pandan Antique Foundation, Pagtatap USA and Pagtatap Philippines, I thank you all for putting up a strong opposition to the Semirara dumpsite. You solidified your stand with your resolution expressing your uncompromising objection to the dumpsite proposal.

It is quite a relief to know that the leaders of the province of Antique are united in their efforts to protect the peaceful and healthy lifestyle of the residents of Semirara and the neighboring island. You expressed your concern and compassion for the islanders in that common bond of understanding and respect for their identity. Once again, you have proven to the Antiquenos that they haven’t made a mistake in entrusting their welfare in your hands. Above all, you declared in no uncertain terms to MMDA, the proponents of the dumpsite, and the country that you are not going to be made the scapegoat for Manila’s stinking rubbish.

The Pandananons all over the world greatly appreciate your support. We are fully aware that without your Resolution, the rest of us wouldn’t have a fighting chance. This Semirara incident will be remembered long and hard. Whichever way the tide turns, your valiant deed will not be forgotten.

Very truly yours,

Washington, USA