Pandan Antique Philippines

Appeal to Governor Exequiel Javier

December 13, 2000

Governor Exequiel Javier
San Jose, Antique

Dear Governor,

My name is Aurora Isidoro-Toldoya. I am from Pandan. I know you do not remember me. I was introduced to you on more than one occasion by your sister in-law Precious Lotilla-Javier at the cafeteria of Ateneo de Manila at Padre Faura. Precious was once my roommate and close friend at Edna’s Ladies Hall.

You and your late brother were studying law, and I was taking my MBA. We share the same cafeteria at Padre Faura; occasionally I say Hello whenever your late brother was around and/or whenever Andresito Fornier was with you. You were the shy person, then. Now you are Governor.

I am writing you as our Governor because we the people of Pandan and the associations of Pandananons such as PANDAN ANTIQUE FOUNDATION (USA), PAGTATAP( Phils) and PAGTATAP-(USA) are oppose to the plan of MMDA of making Semirara Island Metro Manila’s garbage dumpsite. This is a gargantuan project for us to fight without your help. Semirara is very near Pandan. On a clear day, we can see the island. I do not have to detail to you the reasons why we oppose such plan. I know you have been brief by your assistants the various reasons why you should reject MMDA’s proposal. And you can just imagine the damage the dumpsite will do to the ecology of our town.

Please do not approve Mr. Aventajado’s solution to Metro Manila’s garbage and Mr.J Binay’s proposal.

Thank you.


California, USA